A beautifully simple system for troubleshooting and managing your clients

Support end users in seconds

ClientIQ moves the decisions closer to the end-user, saving valuable time by not sending problems through endless support chains.
Using ClientIQ can save as much as 4 hours per agent and day, every day.

Eliminating waste is one of the main incentives behind ClientIQ. Because many errors can be corrected automatically, less time is spent on routine problems, which often represent a large portion of the workday.

Knowledge management is often problematic. Technicians will solve a problem, write up a solution, receive the same problem again and nobody has noticed there is in fact a known solution. Or worse, they spend valuable time and energy solving a problem which has already been solved by someone else – whether right next door or across the world. ClientIQ collects all knowledge and solutions in one place and makes it available to all team members. Sharing knowledge and being able to access it reduces waste quickly.

Boosting the first level support

Everybody knows that users that get help straight away are more satisfied compared to users that have to wait. The longer the wait the more unhappy the user.
Therefore we have built ClientIQ from the ground up to help increase the first-contact-resolution-rate. We have three top-level areas that helps us improve the first level support.

Managed errors

ClientIQ have the ability to automatically detect and correct errors. Both generic ones included out-of-the-box or specific ones created by experts in your organization. A managed error is usually solved within seconds.

Unmanaged errors

ClientIQ is well prepared for troubleshooting unknown issues directly when the users calls with loads of troubleshooting features. ClientIQ makes it easy to find and correct these issues and at the same time automate them for the next user having the same problem.

Automation of routine tasks

ClientIQ have many built in features to streamline your support, saving time on every call and relieving your agents of boring routine tasks. Let ClientIQ create your tickets automatically by reusing information already gathered or find the right computer by simply entering the user’s name or account. No more asking time-consuming questions that the user don’t know the answer to.

All tools in one place

The keyword is centralization. As well as organizing knowledge, ClientIQ ensures that no time is wasted looking for new tools when new problems arise. By gathering all tools in one place no new software has to be downloaded or installed. This simplifies the work for everyone involved in the support chain.

All tools in one place

Without managing your support toolset, agents and experts alike will end up using different tools, especially when the team is spread out in different parts of the world with different experience, skillsets and training. By organizing all support tools in one place and managing them in ClientIQ, you can ensure that everyone in your organization will have a consistent experience, ensuring that no time is wasted looking for tools, links or information. This will enable reuse of work instructions and training material across your organization.

ClientIQ has something for all

ClientIQ is a powerful troubleshooting tool that will be loved by everyone in your organization, from help desk to field support to internal and external experts. Thanks to our licensing model you can deploy ClientIQ to as many users as you want with no additional charge. The more people using our tool the more knowledge will be reused and the more time will be saved.