A beautifully simple system for importing and managing your applications

Import apps in seconds

Work smarter

Automatically importing applications is a smart way to remove human errors and save time. Each import will follow your company's naming conventions and desired settings, so that your environment stays consistent and accurate.

1. Create Template
Create a template for every configuration
Define all your custom settings, collection queries, naming conventions, security scopes and more in in your templates. They are easier to configure than to manually configure an deployment in SCCM!
2. Add Repository
Use your own or our partners
A repository can consist of your own packages located on a file share or you can add one of our partners cloud repositories to access hundreds of automated installations. We present all applications in a single view for easy management.
3. Select Package
Select from a repository or directly from your hard drive
Select an application from any repository or browse to any valid package for ad hoc imports. We extract the application name, vendor & version from the selected package for question free imports. We do support batch import of multiple applications for ultimate convenience or migration purposes.
4. Import
Our import engine will configure everything without questions
We validate all objects before actually beginning the import to enable last minutes changes. Once the import starts we create everything specified in the template, like creating AD-groups, deployments, adding distribution points and much more,

We support all version of MSI and by automatically extracting information – you don´t have to fill in anything!
App-V (4.6 and 5.x)
By reusing the information from manifest we make the simplest import possible
EXE and Scripts
Give us the name, vendor and version and we take care of the rest!
Instead of configuring the same settings at every import, we can do it for you.

Be lazy

Stop repackaging the same applications over and over again

Really lazy…

Most applications are updated several times a year. Keeping them up-to-date becomes expensive because of recurring packaging and testing efforts. Due to scale of economics our partner Coronation can offer ~40 of the most used applications for a fraction of the cost to package them by yourself.

By subscribing to Coronation App-S+ repository you will get:

  • Notification when new versions are released
  • Applications packaged according to best practices
  • Rigorously tested applications on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Cleaned up metadata for supereasy imports
  • New version available within five business days

Visit our partner Coronation for more details .

When you need to create, collaborate, and keep all your work in once place

Shared workspace

Unlike other import tools, we can manage your own application repository together with subscribed ones. Keeping everything in one place.

We can even import any or all packages in your repositories to multiple environments/customers with with a couple of clicks.

The status of each application is stored in our database, shared between your colleagues.

When you are tired of spreadsheets to track your applications

LifeCycle Management

We can organize all your applications and keep track of which state of the lifecycle process they are in.

This is a brief example usage, contact us for more possibilities.

  1. Organize all application by creating a file based repository where the packaging team can put their packaged applications.
  2. Import the application when it is ready to be tested by your organization. The deployment can target individual users, ad groups or sccm collections depending on your needs.
  3. When an application is approved, simple right click on the application and send it to production. This will delete or move all or some objects created during the initial import and create new ones where desired.
  4. When the application is replaced by a new one, simple right click and select decommission to delete all SCCM objects, ad-groups and files for a complete removal.
Choose your plan

Do more, work less

Professional Edition (Free)
For professionals that work alone
All of our standard features
Coronation App-S Free
2 template limit
No Collaboration
No Lifecycle Management
No Support
Enterprise Edition (399€ per month)
For professionals that are part of a team
All of our standard features
Coronation App-S Free
Unlimited templates
Multi User Collaboration
Lifecycle Management
Email support
Features included in all versions

Standard Features

Unlimited Repositories
Add as many FILE or HTTP Repositories as you like. Every repository will be presented in the same view regardless of if it’s your own or an external.
App-S Free Repository
Get access to professionally packaged applications via the Coronation App-S Free repository which includes tons of popular applications.
RuckZuck Repository
Get access to around 500 community maintained applications and import them directly from our tool.
Deployment Flexibility
We have support for almost any combination of install, uninstall and repair scenarios in combination with available/required deployments in combination with user/device targeting.
Migration Tool
We separate the configuration data from the actual application. We can therefore, import an entire repository containing hundreds of applications into a new environment without any questions and at the same time configure any settings or configure any naming convention.
Dynamic Naming
You define the naming convention in the template. We create collections, deployments, AD-groups & folder structure, based on the MSI properties, App-V manifest or manual entry.
Add FILE or HTTP repositories
Coronation App-S Free Repository
Install/Uninstall/Repair Scenarios
Support for Application and Package modell
Advanced Naming Convention Generator
Verbose Import logs
Create, Use existing or Select at import (AD-groups & Collections)
Ad hoc Settings
Set Security Scopes
Set Program Settings
Set Distribution Settings
Set Distribution Points
Set Console Folders and Source Paths
Set limiting Collections
Set Custom Membership Rule Queries
User and Device deployments
Set Install and Uninstall Deployments
Set Available and Required Deployments
Set Custom Command Lines per Template
Direct Imports
Batch Imports
Support for Pre Staging
RuckZack integration